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Zirkops Security and Training, LLC

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We are a full training facility.  Our goal is to cover all the safety needs of each individual regardless of age, size or physical fitness level.  From Personal physical self-defense, all levels of firearm training with pistol, rifle and shotgun, including safety and risk training for the entire family.   We want you to have the confidence and training to defend yourself and your loved ones in any situation. 

We have women's and children's specialty classes included in our curriculum as well as senior citizen and all of our classes are handicap friendly.

 We have several certified police instructors as well as civilian instructors for each of our different curriculums.

We also train professionals in the world of security.  We certify for armed security license, unarmed security license, armed recertifications and also armed requalifications for guard companies.

Zirkops provides training classes for all intermediate weapon systems.  Conducted electrical weapons, Pepper Spray, Baton, Tactical Handcuffing and Search, Blade Application , Defensive Tactics and much more.

We teach onsite at our facility as well as offsite locations across the state for group and private classes.

We are also a Contract Security Guard company that has guards for hire.  Whether it's a professional business or an event of any size, we can make sure you and the important things in your life stay safe.

Firearm Training, Security Guards, Self Defense
Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Class
Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Class
Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Class


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M-F 9am-5pm Weekend hours depend on scheduled classes
Credit/Debit cards, checks, cash
Security Guards for hire, armed and unarmed. All Instructors have state-certified credentials in each of their areas of instruction. State Handgun Carry Permit School State Security Guard School NRA Instructors, Certified martial arts instructors. Certified CPR/AED First Aid and Trauma Instructors.

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Zirkops Security and Training, LLC

6212 TN-58 , Harrison, Tennessee 37341


6212 TN-58 , Harrison, Tennessee 37341

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