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We struggled all of our lives with weight!  We found the answer after MANY MANY failed attempts.  Now, it is our passion to pay it forward and share and help others achieve the health transformation we have!  The healthy lifestyle program we use for helping clients achieve health goals only starts with nutrition!  From there we move into many habits of health to lead our clients into a lifelong transformation!  The goal is health for life.  This is not a “fad diet” that will lead to the infamous Yo-yo most experience!  The end result for anyone who is willing to commit to their health and well-being is life with a balanced diet that includes habits that support health optimization!  You will change your overall habits, so eventually you can splurge without guilt OR effecting your successful health transformation!  For some a health transformation comes with weight loss, but for others it is simply about improving energy, sleep, reducing inflammation, addressing medical concerns, correcting insulin resistance, etc!  We also very successfully work with very fit clients who simply want to “shred”!  We really have a protocol for everyone!  We offer free telephone consultations to discuss whether what we have to offer is what you are looking for!

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Chattanooga, Tennessee 37343

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