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ESTATE PLANNING is the umbrella term for preparing for your future, your family’s future, and the things that could throw that plan off. Here at Trailhead Estate Planning, we anticipate these issues and work to eliminate the stress of trying to navigate them unprepared.

Estate Planning can and should be a team effort. As an estate planning law firm, we happily work with your financial planner, accountant, insurance agent, doctors, bankers, and supporting family members to have your plan ready.

When you have created and maintained an estate plan, you’ll be better prepared for what to do in periods of prolonged physical or mental incapacity, what happens in the days around a death, and the legacy you leave for your family in the years and decades to come.

ELDER LAW is about aging gracefully and caring for those around us. We may not like it, but the sooner we can accept and anticipate the slings and arrows of time, the better off we’ll be. Bodies and minds can become weaker as we get older, but planning ahead can reduce the stress that comes with advancing years.

Elder law addresses issues head-on, such as:

  • The cost of a nursing home or long-term care,
  • Providing for a surviving spouse,
  • Leaving a legacy for children and grandchildren, and
  • Who should take over financial and medical decisions in the event of incapacity.

Person First Planning gets to the heart of SPECIAL NEEDS PLANNING,  which focuses on addressing the needs, desires, and quality of life for individuals with special needs. Preserving eligibility for government benefits is a central piece of planning for a person with special needs, but that’s not the only step. Individuals with special needs are still individuals, and the planning for their future should be tailored to their situation.

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651 E. 4th Street Suite 200, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

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