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Jeanette Jordan

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My name is Jeanette Jordan, I am a certified yoga instructor, massage therapist, and Ayurvedic wellness coach. 

I’ve been diving deep into health and wellness since 2011, when life shifted drastically for me. I was a first time mom who was exhausted, overwhelmed, and my self care routine was non existent. I was searching for a solution, and I had a strong desire to feel grounded and at home in my body. 

I started practicing yoga almost daily. It was a beautiful outlet for me, and I enjoyed yoga so much that I felt called to teach. I received my yoga certification from Premananda Yoga School in January of 2015 and began sharing the wisdom that had been given to me by my teachers. 

I later pursued a license in massage therapy, and began studying with Physical Therapists all over the U.S. in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy. Simultaneously, I was pursuing a certification in Ayurvedic Wellness with Katie Silcox’s Shakti School. I feel confident that Ayurveda, Myofascial Release, and yoga intertwine beautifully into one sacred practice of self discovery. 

MFR, or Myofascial Release Therapy is a safe and effective bodywork modality that addresses the connective tissues of the body. In MFR sessions, gentle sustained pressure is applied directly to areas of restrictions. Myofascial Release Therapy does not use oil or lotion in treatments to avoid gliding on the surface of the skin, and each technique is held for a long period of time to allow the fascia to lengthen properly. 

Ayurveda is an ancient healing system whose purpose is to improve and maintain both quality and longevity of life. Ayurveda is believed by scholars to be one of the oldest healing systems on earth, dating back thousands of years in India. Ayurveda is the science of life, and views wellness as a mind-body-spirit approach that is also in alignment with modern science. When we apply Ayurvedic principals to our lives, it can act as a catalyst that leads to deeper connection and sense of awareness in our bodies. 


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Massage therapy license E-RYT 200 Yoga teacher 300hr Ayurvedic Wellness Certification 150++ Hours in Myofascial Training

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Jeanette Jordan Myofascial Release Therapy

6245 Vance Rd , Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421


6245 Vance Rd , Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421

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