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Chemst. Teacher. Mother.

Reading labels can be difficult. I make it easy by doing the research for you and developing products with ingredients that you can pronounce and feel safe about putting on your skin. As a teacher, my passion is assisting others on their path to live toxin free. Follow us on social media and by email for advice, tips, and blog posts about ways to jump start your journey to clean living. As a wife and mother of two boys, my top priority is my family. Pursuing a clean and safe home for family is important. 


After giving birth to my two boys, I began to research the importance of nutrition and personal care down to the science. I started to pay attention to the products I was buying and the ingredients that were present. Becoming a mother opened an entire world of compassion, care, and motivation to pursue a healthy lifestyle because of the desire to provide that for my children.  As I began to research what made ingredients good and what made them bad, I learned that many people struggle with knowing how to discern those things for themselves. With a formal education in Chemistry, I have been able to sift through the ingredients, read labels, and formulate 100% holistic,organic product that are not only non-toxic, but are also effective. I have been developing and using my own products for a few years, and after sharing them with close family and friends and seeing it change their lives-- from healing their acne, to addressing their dry skin, to simply providing products that are safe and that work.

Distill is more than a brand, it's my way of life, and I am thankful to be able to share it with you.

With Love,

Shelby Branum

Skin Care

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