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Money Lit started from the idea that financial literacy should be a part of the every day education our youth receive. It should be as normal as reading, writing, and math and it should begin in schools as early as 3rd grade. 

Our company finds ways to engage youth in grades 3-8 in discussion and activities surrounding the concepts of financial literacy and basic economics. We most commonly do this via our mini-sessions during the school year and our summer program. 

Mini-sessions: Gather your child(ren) and 4-6 of their friends for an hour of fun and learning. Imagine a summer camp day session condensed and in a location of your choosing. 

After-school sessions: We are always seeking sponsors who will sponsor us to go into after school programs that serve low-income students to do a 2-4 week life skills financial literacy session with them. Send me a message for more details on how you can help sponsor a session with a non-profit you are passionate about. 

Summer Program: A week of learning about financial literacy and economics concepts in a fun and engaging way. This is offered by grade so it can be tailored to your child's age and learning ability. We learn about these concepts by playing games, doing crafts, fieldtrips, guest speakers, projects, and discussion. 

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