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Loni Marcus

Real Estate Services

Loni's wide-ranging career has taken her many places over the years.


As a young woman, she obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Administration, which she used in her experience as a traveling sales manager for an electronics company in the trucking industry. This endowed her with invaluable skills in sales and marketing, which are both necessary components for any successful real estate agent. Adding on to her business savvy, she worked as a human resource director for a publishing company and maintained co-ownership of a large-format printing company.


As a prominent testament to her character, Loni also worked as a volunteer firefighter and a Hazmat rescue team member. This drive to protect and serve was likely borne from her infallible sense of integrity and servitude.


Loni's extensive background of reliably servicing the public and its interests — as well as her expertise in management and leadership — provide her with all the necessary traits a good agent needs to be successful.


As a lake-focused real estate agent, Loni's integrity ensures that she will work tirelessly to aid those in search of their dream homes by responding to every client every time. Those looking to buy or sell their lake homes can rest assured this often-complicated process will be as effortless and convenient as possible, and will be handled with ease and professionalism.


Loni currently resides in the small town of Ooltewah, Tennessee. Her family consists of her fiancé Scott, two beautiful children, two granddaughters, one dog and a "grand-dog." As a twice-weekly visitor of Lake Chickamauga and Nickajack Lake (at least), Loni is an expert at living the lake lifestyle. With lifelong hobbies such as jet skiing, houseboating, camping and waterskiing, some of her best memories were had on the lakes of Tennessee.


A true lake expert lives, works and plays in her local market. As someone who frequents the lake with her own family, Loni has a deep understanding of what buyers and sellers of lake property inherently need. Her top priority is selling the lake experience and helping families from all over attain that coveted lake lifestyle.

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Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, Senior Real Estate Specialist, Seller Representative Specialist, C2EX, PSA

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