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Are you feeling lost...without purpose? This may be why...

Every one of us has experienced a difficult a situation that, in the moment, left us locked in an overwhelmingly paralyzed state of being, unable to think or consciously move. Our bodies go into reactive "survival mode" working on auto-pilot to protect us. In that moment, some "freeze", some "fight" and some "flee". No matter which "survival mode" you enter, there may be parts of your body, mind and/or soul that is unable to move forward, "stuck in survival mode".

There is a way...

My job is to help you identify these areas in your life where you may be feeling "stuck" and support you in creating systems you can easily adopt that will help you learn how to break down these barriers and find freedom in life purpose and fulfillment. 

Targeting the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual areas of wellness, we work together using proven mindfulness strategies, focusing on your goals and dreams through creative exploration in a safe, fun and engaging atmosphere.  

You do have purpose. Let's find it together.

Are you ready?

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Monday-Friday 9a-4p

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Intended Purpose, LLC

PO Box 691, Hixson, Tennessee 37343


PO Box 691, Hixson, Tennessee 37343

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