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Services in Chattanooga and North Georgia:

There are two tiers—

Basic/Maintenance clean and Deep cleaning.

Both services include all surface tops; dusting and polishing all furniture and anywhere dust could settle, dusting ceiling fan blades, dusting blinds, making beds, toilets, showers/tubs and sliding doors, mirrors, sinks, microwaves, sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming, trash take out, and polishing any stainless steel.

Deep cleans include deep scrubbing dust/oil build up on cabinets, doors, doorways, window seals, foot molding and mud boards/decorative quarter-paneling on walls, cleaning interior windows.

***Garage/Porch/Patio/Sunroom cleaning/sweeping, laundry, dishes, bed linen changing (linens must be left out), oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, litter boxes, couch vacuuming are extra services.

Prices vary on each additional service.

Basic/Domestic carpet shampooing is $25 per room.

Quote estimate Basic maintenance cleaning:

2hrs starts at $50 (without add-on services)

3hrs $75

4hrs $100

5hrs $125

6hrs $150

7hrs $175

8hrs $200

Quote estimate Deep cleans (are obviously more bc they require more work; more elbow grease, more product.)

2hrs starts at $60 (before any add-on services)

3 hrs $90

4 hrs $120

5hrs $150

6hrs $180

7hrs $210

8hrs $240

I do not take breaks when I clean, not even bathroom breaks so downtime is never an issue. No one is ever charged for any time that work isn’t being done. I also work at my normal pace which is fast compared to most so I don’t “ride the clock” on anything.

Once you receive a quote for a cleaning service the service could be a little more or less depending upon the amount of time and work it takes to fully complete the job. 

****Any recurring service will always be the same price as the original service job unless additional services are added on after the fact.

Payment is accepted at completion for initial and/or one-time cleaning services via cash, PayPal (FF), Venmo, CashApp, and FB Pay (client covers fee associated with payment).

However, if you book a recurring service like weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning, a single non-refundable $25 deposit is due up front to hold the future appointments regardless of how many appointments you pre-book. 

If a prepaid service is cancelled at least 48hrs in advance the $25 deposit will be credited to the next service. Cancellations less than 24 full hours notice the deposit will not be credited.

After three cancellations in a row, services will not be booked without a deposit totaling $25 or 50% of estimate (whichever is greater), and the remainder will be due at the completion of service.

Home Cleaning

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Monday through Friday 8:30am - 2:00pm
PayPal, Venmo, cashapp, cash, check
I am Kelly, the owner of NaturOILY Clean. I am a mother to three precious boys, and a dog mom to a sweet labradoodle boy named Thor. I was a military police officer for four years, and worked in the healthcare industry from 2012 through 2018. I believe in the healing capabilities in essential oils and living life as naturally as possible. There’s nothing more important to me than the health and wellness of my human children AND fur baby. My mission is to provide a chemical free cleaning service to like minded individuals in the greater Chattanooga and north Georgia area. My cleaning service is eco-friendly as well as pet and child safe— even if you ingest it. Thieves cleaner is an entirely plant-based cleaning product that fights germs and bacteria as well as the common chemical-laden products we all know, bleach and Lysol. What’s more is Thieves has proven to keep the bacteria at bay for longer than those synthetic, harmful products.

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