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Tarin Perkins

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Hello all! I am a small embroidery business looking to make it grow!!

••I provide custom embroidery and monogramming••

••My goal is to create a high quality product that you will enjoy and excellent customer service.  I understand that you, the customer, place a great deal of trust in me to produce an item for you.  I do not take that trust for granted!••

Embroidered Sherpa Blankets
Embroidered Sherpa Blankets
Custom Fleece Blanket #1
Custom Fleece Blanket #2
Embroidered Sherpa Blankets


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Mon &Tuesday 6:30pm-9:30pm Wednesday 8am-7pm Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm Saturday & Sunday 4:30pm-7pm
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Sew That Sista

Rossville, Georgia 30741


Rossville, Georgia 30741

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