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Sandy Croft Nipp

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I am a professional singer and former Capitol Recording Artist who is now teaching students from beginner to pro!  My classes are super fun and informative!  Love teaching and working with all level's of students! I feel confident that I can help you, no matter what level you are on vocally! 

I structure my lesson's around Breathe Control, Posture, Resonance,Vibrato, Pitch, Tone, Stage Performance etc... Basically, you will learn "Technique" all rolled up into one harmonious package! Btw, you will start singing a song of your choice in the first or second lesson. Like I said, "My classes are Super Fun and Informative"!!  Contact me today at (423) 242-5306 or Email me at: sandranipp123@gmail.com              Now, LET'S SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tues.-Thurs. 3:00-7:00pm. ( If current day's and hours aren't possible, I plan to extend day's and hour's in the very near future. When you call,just let me know of your situation and I will try to accommodate to the best of my ability. Time slots are filling up fast so contact me asap!)
Cash, for now. Other forms of payment will be accepted in the near future.
Previous Capitol Recording artist. Recorded my first album when I was 11yrs. old on the independent label Angel Song. Signed with Capitol Records when I was 13yrs. old and was on the label for 5yrs. Went on to charting in Billboard with five singles while on Capitol. Charted "4" in Europe with the song "Heart Breaker". Sang on "The Grand Ole Opry", warmed up for George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Lee Greenwood, Steve Warner,etc...Have had many national tv, radio, and magazine appearances. Have many,many yrs of recording experience and have performed on many stages throughout my life. Currently working on an original album with my band "Ninety By Noon". (For more info, just ask me, I'd be happy to expand on the subject.)

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Sandy's Vocal Instruction

Harrison, Tennessee 37341


Harrison, Tennessee 37341

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