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Gina Seabolt

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We are the creators of our life’s story. Are you telling a story about what has been, what “is” or what you want it to be? We all go through many challenges or experiences in life. How we choose to feel or think about those experiences determine our stories. Many times we lose sight of creating the next chapters of our stories because we keep going back over the past chapters or get hung up in the unwanted things that manifest into our present experiences.

We are the creators of our stories. We assign the meanings of those experiences. We decide what the main character is going to gain from those experiences. We also decide what the new chapter is going to be about.

My name is Gina Seabolt and I am a Certified Wellness practitioner in Life/Spiritual Coaching and Hypnotherapy. It is my honor to assist you in creating the story you wish to tell.

Each story is unique to the individual as is my approach to assisting you with it. I get to know my clients and their unique stories. I use a combination of services to assist in guiding you in the creation of your story. Many programs have a “one size fits all” approach to healing and better living. Here at New Chapters Holistic, I understand that those types of programs are limited by their narrow focus. Together, we will discover what makes you unique. We will give focus to the “whole being” that you already are and assist you in editing your story to the masterpiece that is YOU!

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New Chapters Hypnotherapy/ Life Coaching

6245 Vance Rd (Suite A), Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421


6245 Vance Rd (Suite A), Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421

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