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Athena Nascimento

Food & Dining

Little About Me

Peckish Wisdom...what a bizarre name, right?  At it's core, it's a constant hunger for knowledge.  And let's face it, I'm constantly hungry...  But also it's discovering where and when my passion and talent emerged.  For that, let's take a walk back in time.  I'm Athena, the cook/chef/chick in the kitchen.  I was raised in a farming community in the heartland of our country.  My love of soul-wrenching food comes from the strong women and men in my family and community, especially my mother, father, and grandmother.  Both sides of my family are or were farmers and my parents practiced husbandry and owned restaurants.  I would teeter at the side of my mother and grandmother taking in their culinary magic and listening to the stories and wisdom.  My dad would take me on trips to get fish creating these lucid memories that will live forever.  On lovely mismatched plates, our family's legacy would come to life.  The fresh, farmed food would bring together family and passion.  This is the nostalgia on which Peckish Wisdom is founded.

Integrity is the name of our game - integrity in product, integrity in process.  We are firm believers that wholesome food begets good health.  Majority of our shopping is through local purveyors.  You can have the peace of mind that you are feeding yourself and your family pure ingredients, energizing the local economy, and helping to ensure the future of the integrity of our community foods.  

My culinary journey started in my parent's restaurants that carried over into adulthood catering on the East Coast, West Coast, and even down in Texas come by way of culinary school.  I've enjoyed decades of creating comforting flavors with nurturing fixings to make happy bodies and happy souls.  My style?  Comfort flavors with expert execution.

Get to know us a little more

What are you craving?  How busy is your week?

Need a hand regaining 10-20 hrs a week?  Do you really have time to cook a full meal from scratch...or box...every day or even 3 times a week?  No worries; we're your secret little chef.  We take away the stress of daily BREAKFAST, LUNCH, OR SUPPER decisions!  We also prepare KIDS SCHOOL LUNCHES, BABY & TODDLER MEALS, WORK LUNCHES, BACKYARD BBQS, and even the occasional COCKTAIL PARTY.  Yes, you will actually have the time to entertain!  It’s our privilege to help give back those valuable 10 – 20 extra hours in your week.

We turn your kitchen into a home bistro making you the rock star head chef.  Shhh!  The Secret Little Chef thing will be our little secret.

Let's get together and chat about your likes and your loves.  I'll create a menu for you, shop for you, come to your house, cook, portion and package, and clean up.  How much more perfect could it get?

Comfort Food

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By appointment
Cash, Cards, Checks (reluctantly), Trades/Barter
Over 20 years of small event catering. 10 years of event planning and consulting.

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Peckish Wisdom

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405


Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405

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