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Ann Hill

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Making History

Jell-O Town Affordable Eats was formed in 2019 in Chattanooga, TN an entity of Jell-O Town which is a home-based operation that brings Jell-O flavor for any occasion. 

Jell-O Town Affordable Eats is a part of the passion that was formed from the love of cooking. Jell-O Town Affordable Eats offers southern smoked turkey legs with a twist. The turkey legs are smoked to perfection and stuffed with your choice of cornbread dressing with gravy, Savannah-style rice, or smoked turkey breast with Alabama white sauce.

Jell-O Town Affordable Eats gives your pockets a rest with affordable menu items as well.

American Food, Food Trucks, Southern Food

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Jello Town Affordable Eats

Chattanooga, Tennessee


Chattanooga, Tennessee

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