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Fox & Fox Designs·Sunday, February 17, 2019·

Hi! Thank you for your interest in Fox & Fox Designs! My name is Krista Fox and my husband is Jeremy Fox. We have been designing and creating together since we first started dating in 2014. December 10, 2015 we got married and instantly became a family of 6. We have discussed starting up a small business on numerous occasions but we never had the opportunity or the guts! We both worked full time hours for the USPS. We were hit early on in our life together with some pretty big news.  In October 2016 I was admitted to the hospital and told I had a hemorrhaging brain tumor that required surgery to remove. Since then I have had 4 more surgeries, 2 of which were additional brain surgeries. After the last one, I began having a hard time dealing with the constant pain. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines in 2018 as a result of the multiple surgeries on my head. In December of 2018, I began Botox injections to manage the migraines. Also in 2018, I began having horrible pain throughout my whole body. Some days are so bad that I can only manage to move from my bed to the couch. I had no idea what was happening to me! In the previous years I was hiking numerous miles almost daily, and now I get exhausted just taking a shower! I felt like God was playing a cruel joke on me. I didn’t have time to be “sick” all the time! I had a full time job, four very active children, as well as being very active myself. After talking with my doctor and ruling out other possible problems, he diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I am slowly learning my limits, and how to cope with the pain, exhaustion, and fogginess that comes with fibromyalgia. It hasn’t been easy and every day is a surprise as to how I will feel that day. If I over-do it one day, I will pay for it for the next few days. 

 There is a silver lining though! I now have the time to devote to our idea of Fox & Fox Designs!! It feels like a huge leap of faith for us but we are ready! I usually design the piece of furniture (or whatever I want him to build!) and Jeremy makes the dream a reality. It is amazing to watch him work! To watch him take a rough slab of wood and turn it into something beautiful is honestly a work of art. He knows how to work with many different types of wood and can create just about any piece you can imagine. I typically lean more towards farmhouse style pieces but we can work together to create exactly what you are looking for!

I decorate stainless steel tumblers using different mediums. Women love the glittered tumblers and men usually like the woodgrain ones more! I am always trying out new techniques though so check back often if you haven't found what you like yet! I am sure you will soon! I know we can work together to create something beautiful just for you!

Thank you for taking the time check us out! We look forward to working with you!

Jeremy and Krista Fox 

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Chattanooga, Tennessee 37419

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