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Here is some background on what Limelife is all about. 

Our makeup has been used in the professional beauty industry, which includes being featured in many popular tv series, and also raves about by several social media influencers. 

Our skincare was developed because our CEO, Michele Gay, had a close friend who passed away from a rare form of breast cancer. Her doctor later concluded that this type of breast cancer could have been linked to the beauty products she was using. 

Safe, affordable, quality products is what we value and provide!  

LimeLife Skincare ❤️

These products are all free of harmful chemicals ????, organic ????, & Leaping bunny certified????- the gold standard in cruelty free!

It takes less than a minute for chemicals from skin care products to get into your bloodstream! LimeLife skin care products work to heal, hydrate, and rebalance your own skin  

Our skincare includes: a daily cleanser, a moisturizer, anti aging products, a men’s line, a sunscreen line and lastly a product line created specially for babies and toddlers! All of these products come in a variety of complementary sample packets that can shipped right to your front door!  

We will have FIVE major launches that will enhance the customer and the Beauty Guide experience.

AMAZEBOX Subscription Box


Customer Appreciation Program

LimeLife Mobile App for Beauty Guides and Consumers, Personalized Digital Content,

Recommendations, and Follow-Up appointments 

The common thread that ties these five programs together will be each customer’s retail account.

Each of these 5 programs will have their own benefits for both the consumer and Beauty Guide.

Here at Limelife we offer beauty bars, home parties and one on one consultations. That being said we have had to pivot our business and now we are doing one on one’s and virtual consult via Messenger, Zoom and FaceTime.  

LimeLife is a company that not only cares about what goes on your skin, but the about taking care of the environment as well.  Keeping consumers healthy and the environment we all live in clean is a must here at Limelife. ????

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Chattanooga , Tennessee 37419

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