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Daniel Copeland

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This is my second year getting into mowing lawns. My youngest son and I are doing this as a way for him to earn money to buy his first car. I could've done it for him, but I would rather him earn it honestly. I don't have many customers yet, which is great for you and your lawn. It means you're getting in on the ground floor with us. 

I'll never lie about my knowledge level. I'll never try to take advantage of you. I'm doing this as a way to teach my son important lessons. So please trust me when I say my word is my bond. Give me a chance to prove honest, hardworking people still exist and I'll do my best to make sure I don't leave you unhappy with our services.

Lawn & Garden

Company Details

Monday thru Friday 3p till 6p Saturday dawn till dusk
Cash App (easily downloaded from the Google play store) and of course we accept cash

Contact Information

Soddy Daisy, Tennessee 37379


Soddy Daisy, Tennessee 37379