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Christine Larsen

Medical Services

Services Provided:

One-On-One Coaching, Meal Prep Assistance, Nutrition Education, Weekly Online Webinars, Community Support Group, Regular Healthy Happy Hour Meet-ups

Nobody wants to go on a diet. Truth is that nobody SHOULD want to go on a diet! Diets are the worst. That's why I love helping others learn more about the programs I coach. I'm not on a diet, and I won't coach anybody to go on a diet.

What I do is teach my clients how to EAT PROPERLY! Reversing the old patterns and habits with which we have become accustomed to and that drain us of our health.  Educating my clients to make healthier food choices and getting our bodies back to how they were designed to function. More importantly, creating the positive mindset to encourage us toward the lives we really want to live, where food is no longer in charge! 

That's what I aspire to help my clients to do...to get truly healthy! Mind and body!

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Hours by Appointment Only
No Cash Accepted
COPE Certified Health Coach

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Hixson, Tennessee 37343


Hixson, Tennessee 37343