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Seth Jackson

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I am a small local business that specializes in septic installs & repairs. I do quality work to get your waste water needs taken care of in as timely a fashion as possible. I reinvested in my company with some of the best laser guidance systems that can be mounted on an excavator so as to not overdig or waste time while doing an install. Usually an install takes a day to complete if all materials & machine is on site at start then the next day it’s inspected & covered. Everyone wants to know what will it cost to fix it or install a new system. Loaded question that no one can answer unless there is already a septic permit, for repair or new install. Price is based on what work is required to be done to pass the inspection at the end. No 2 jobs are exactly the same even if same gpd water usage which is based on number of bedrooms. Perc rate, depth to seasonal water table, depth to hard pan, distance to wells or water bodies, slope of the land all affects the requirements in the permit which affects which materials can be used which affects pricing. Also, the $100 for a repair permit or $300 for a new install permit is required otherwise I could loose my license to make a living, & it insures that I will be inspected b4 it’s covered up, so it’s done correctly. 

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Daylight only when dry enough to dig 7 days a week
Cash, check, card
State DPH certified septic installer with mound, drip system, Eljen credentials & blue card holder

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Jackson Brothers Septic & Excavation LLC

2853 Reed Rd, Dalton, Georgia 30720


2853 Reed Rd, Dalton, Georgia 30720

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