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Nits End

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I was a mother of three when head lice struck my school aged children. We quickly took action for her to be exposed again. I decided to treat her friends to solve the problem. I was then asked by other parents to help. Soon I had to start charging. What started out as parents passing my number out, snowballed into a full time career. We Called it Nits End, as a play on words because often times parents are at their wits end. As we grew several of my Chattanooga area friends would reach out stating that they needed my assistance. When I decided to branch out, I choose Chattanooga, because it was home for me for several years. It is also an area I hold near and dear to my heart, as a lot of my family was there. So I searched for the perfect technician, and brought her down to Arkansas to train. 

We offer Chemical free treatments - built in follow up care

30 day guarantee on our work 

Coming soon * Air Therapy - single session lice treatments!  

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Cash, check, credit cards, HSA

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Nits End

East Ridge , Tennessee 37412


East Ridge , Tennessee 37412

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