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Main Reasons To Hire An Electrician

Main Reasons To Hire An Electrician

6 Reasons To Hire A Professional Electrician


There are many jobs DIY homeowners can take on themselves such as tiling, painting, laying floors, and even some carpentry with little risk, but when it comes to electrical work it’s often best to call in a professional. Although there are plenty of YouTube videos and books on performing simple electrical repairs, undertaking the task in a poorly wired home is like pulling a loose thread on a coat. Before you know it one thing has led to another and a potential disaster awaits. Here we’ll break down the main reasons to hire a licensed electrician


1) Reduce Fire Risks


In a recent survey, statistics showed that the number one cause of house fires in 2020 was due to electrical problems. FEMA reported that from 2014-2016 24,000 residential building fires were caused due to electrical faults. The increased amount of electrical usage in a home in recent years has amplified the load on a homes electrical system, heightening the risk of a fire. A licensed electrician will know when something has been installed incorrectly or when a system is overloaded and will fix it giving you peace of mind.


2) A Licensed Electrician Is Often Required Legally To Perform Electrical Work


Did you know that even some of the simplest electrical jobs require permits? Some municipalities allow homeowners to pull their own permits while others require a licensed electrician to obtain them. Check with your local building department to find out the exact requirements. Once you obtain a permit a certified electrical inspector will be required to approve it. Here are some of the jobs that a licensed pro may be required to do:


• Install new wiring or alter any permanent wiring including that to an electrical device

• Install a new electrical outlet or light fixture

• Install the wiring for a garage-door opener

• Convert a fuse box to a circuit breaker

• Install or alter low-voltage systems such as security alarms and smoke or CO2 detectors.


3) Electrical Work Is Often Time-Consuming and Hazardous


Unless you are trained and have a special love for electrical work you might want to ask yourself if your time is better spent doing something else more enjoyable. Pulling cables through attics, ceilings, and basements or cutting through sheetrock while on a stepladder to install a recessed light can be dirty and often hazardous. Your time might be better spent elsewhere, even if it is earning the money to pay for a licensed electrician.


4) The Money You Save On Hiring A Pro Might Be Spent On Tools


Theres a reason licensed electricians drive around in vans. They have tools and equipment in there. If you are not fully equipped with the right gear for the job, you might find yourself spending time and money running to the home improvement center to stock up.


5) Lower Electricity Costs


Just as there has been an increase in energy used in the home, there has also been an increase in energy-saving appliances and electrical systems. A licensed electrician, who has been in many houses before yours to attend to this specific matter, will be familiar with the best way to save on your energy costs and can install the right equipment to help facilitate that. Whether its installing solar panels to help with exterior lighting or usage inside the home, replacing halogen lamps with LEDs, or helping with the installation of a ground source heat pump and steering you in the right direction to get a renewable heat incentive to help you afford it, a knowledgeable electrician can be invaluable in reducing your monthly bills.


6) Help With Your Lighting Design


Ever wonder why everything in an upscale hotel, restaurant or home looks so good? Lighting plays a big part. Usually, an interior designer has a trusted electrician to help illuminate the space, without lighting up the electricity bill. A seasoned electrician knows all about the correct placement and lighting styles to match the size, color, furniture, and feel of a room. If you want your home to exude luxury and class the moment enter, a licensed electrician will help you get there. 




There are many jobs around the house you can do yourself but if you want peace of mind, electrical work is not one of them. Also, when it comes to selling your home, having a history of all the passed inspections will ease both a buyer's and home inspectors minds. From a cozy bedtime read to your kids to a brightly lit dinner party or a late-night snuggle by the fireplace, a licensed electrician can help set the right mood for you to live your life.