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Bridgette Martin

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Bridgette Martin has had almost two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. Her niche is in live comedy, where she spent 11 years working behind the scenes at a comedy club before spending 8 years on stage as a performer herself. Currently, Bridgette is the lead agent and partner for fhc productions, an entertainment and talent booking agency.

Touring extensively in the Southeast, Bridgette has performed for independent shows, festivals, and comedy clubs. She counts herself as an international performer after that one time in Vancouver where it didn't go too well. She has opened for TJ Miller, Pauly Shore, Michael Winslow, DeAnne Smith, Hilliary Begley, and was a featured performer on the Feral Hogs Comedy tour.

In addition to producing shows in several cities, Bridgette has organized several multi-state tours, including a fundraiser for various pro-choice organizations.

Now, using fhc productions, she mentors comedians, using her experience to help those who dare take their talents on the road. She has represented her production company at events like the West End Comedy Festival in Atlanta and the P3 Comedy Festival in Pensacola. She was also a panelist in WIFTA’s 2022 Women in Comedy.

Bridgette currently resides in Chattanooga, TN with her dog, Twinkie.

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